SMO started in the mind of Eric, while he was operating his surf charter boats. Not only was Thunders his favorite wave, it’s the most consistent! Often Eric found himself driving away from perfect waves at Thunders, he set his goal to build a home in front of the wave. This dream became reality when Ian and Eric met on his boat, “Addiction”. With so many waves close by they decided this is the perfect place to be.

We set out to create a sustainable piece of paradise in front of one of the most consistent waves of this world. Today we have expanded into working with the Indonesian government to make the previously uninhabited island of Sibigau a nature preserve in which we will be the stewards of the land. We are excited to grow into non profit businesses teaching the local people of Mentawai how to farm more crops and build boats with out having to chop down old growth trees.

We look forward to sharing our stoke for this island and the perfect waves of the Southern Mentawai zone with you!