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Trip Schedules & Rates

Your adventure with SMO begins when you arrive the Padang Airport.  You will be greeted by our staff and driven to a local hotel of your choice.

We have a few hotel recommendations, click here:  Hotels

To get to the Mentawai Islands you will need to cross the Mentawai Strait. The most reliable and safest way to do this is aboard one of 2 ferry boats; “Ambu Ambu” and “Mentawai Fast“.

Our trips have been created to work with the ferry schedules.

“Ambu Ambu” – 2x/ week. 13 hour, overnight trip. Departing at 6pm – Arriving @ 7AM.

“Mentawai Fast” Once a week. 4 hour trip. Departs Padang 7AM – Arrives @ 11AM.  Returns same day. Departs Sikakap 2pm- Arrives Padang @ 6PM.

You will need to book your flights to arrive the day before your trip begins and return the day after it ends.


Friday – Friday

‘Mentawai Fast’

Both transfers aboard fast ferry, from Padang and returning from Sikakap

7  Surf Days

14 Surf Days

What you need to know for booking flights:

  • Padang Arrival: MUST arrive by Thursday evening

  • Padang Departure: Saturday morning.

‘Mentawai Fast’ Ferry Schedule:

Depart: Padang FRIDAY 7am – Arrive Sikakap @ 11am.

Return: Sikakap 2pm – Arrive Padang @ 6pm

Sibigau is 18 miles from the ferry port in Sikakap. Our staff will be waiting for you with our speed boat, powered with 2 100hp 4stroke Yamahas!  You’ll cruise past pristine Mentawai Islands on the way to SMO, and we’ll have you surfing by early afternoon! Possibly sooner if the timing is right and your group wants to surf Roxy’s on the way to Sibigau.

Shared bungalow – 2 twin beds

BOOK NOW and pay our 2023 rates. Price going up to $195/night for 2024

$165 USD  / Person / Night   +10% Government Tax

Our bamboo bungalows have 2 beds in each, with a shower behind each one.

Two bathrooms are located centrally behind the main clubhouse.

Private Bungalow

$325 USD / Person / Night  + 10% Government Tax

Your own private bungalow.

King bed on one side with bench and table on the other.

Tuesday – Friday  -> 9 Surf Days

Overnight Ferry Out & Fast Ferry Return

What you need to know for booking flights:

  • Padang Arrival: MUST arrive by Noon Tuesday.

    Safest bet is to arrive the night before, in case of flight delay

  • Padang Departure: Fly Saturday morning

‘Ambu Ambu’ is the overnight Ferry. Until this new year it was our main method of transport to cross from Padang to the Mentawai Islands. The journey is 13 hours, but it is comfortable. Bunk beds in the forward air conditioned cabin are available, as well as private rooms with 2 – 4 beds.

Friday – Wednesday  -> 12 Surf Days

Fast Ferry Out & Overnight Ferry Return

What you need to know for booking flights:

  • Padang Arrival: MUST arrive by Thursday evening

  • Padang Departure: Fly anytime After 12:00PM THURSDAY

‘Ambu Ambu’ Overnight Ferry Schedule:

Depart Padang Tuesday 5pm

Arrive Sikakap Wednesday 6am

Depart Sikakap Wednesday 5pm

Arrive Padang Thursday 6am

What’s Included:

  • Food: All meals included. 4 meals a day: Coffee & tea with cold breakfast before sunrise. Hot breakfast after surf. Lunch when you are ready. Dinner buffet, severed family style. Snacks. We are surfers, we know how important it is to re fuel. Food is always available.

  • Bamboo House: Wave front bungalow. King bed or 2 twins. Private shade hut and hammocks.

  • Drink: Water, tea and coffee always available. Beers are available for purchase.

  • Wi-Fi: You can stay as connected to the world as you’d like. 24 hour electricity and Wi-Fi.

  • Boat trips: to near by waves, with in 6 miles. Fishing trips included as well.

  • Surf Guide: The best surf guide in Mentawai! Eric has over 20 years experience living, working, guiding, surfing in Mentawai. He is also a certified surf coach. ISA Level II.

Express delivery to Thunders!


  • Hotel in Padang. We can recommend hotels for any level of comfort.

  • Transportation package: Round trip transportation from Airport > Hotel > Ferry (incl. tickets) > Boat transfer from Sikakap port to our island, Sibigau. $350 USD

  • Mentawai Surfer Tax: IDR 1.000.000/ about $75 USD For the new surf tourism tax. This will be paid to the office at ferry port, you will receive a wristband that is valid for 15 days. This is extendable

  • Photo Package: Expect to pay around $200 for all photos. Depending on the photographer at the camp when you visit the price will vary. Also, some video and drone services may be available.

  • VOA/ Visa On Arrival: It is free to enter Indonesia and stay for 30 days. If you would like to stay longer than 30 days you will have to purchase the 30 day VOA for $35 when you land. This visa is extendable with a local agent. It is possible to get a 60 day visa if you pre-apply with the Indo consulate in your home country. This is $50 and can be extended 4 times with an agent for about $65/ month

  • Baggage Fees: Because some guests travel with way more gear than others, overweight fees are the responsibility of each guest. Standard board coffin is 350.000 IDR (about $25 usd)

  • Travel Insurance: With Medical-Evacuation. This is mandatory. While we strive to keep you safe, accidents can happen. The cost is typically around $60. Please book with a 3rd party of your choice and bring a print out of coverage. Check with Oceanview Travel or World Nomads.

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