Southern Mentawai Outpost

SMO is an all inclusive ecologically conscious surf resort located on the previously uninhabited island of Sibigau. Our island is home to the world famous surf break Thunders, one of Indonesia’s most consistent high quality left-handers. The smaller Thunders gets, the harder it barrels, and at head high height it can spin off barrels of 3 seconds or more to the lucky few who are willing to test its inside section. For those who want to ease into things, the wide section of the break offers a thrilling take off and wide-open walls. Thunders can handle all sizes, and for the chargers, there are days with legitimate 20ft face waves. If that isn’t your thing, there are a number of other breaks in the area, including the renowned Roxy’s aka Coldsprings, which offers fun barrels and walls when Thunders is throwing out waves past your gulp limit. Rag’s Right and Rag’s Left are also within sight of Thunders, less than 3 miles away. There are additional spots you’ve never heard of where you’re likely to get a good session with just you and your friends. Our boats are standing by to get you into the waves of your dreams!

On the days when Thunders and some of the nearby spots are onshore, Rag’s Right, as well as another right-hand break just becoming recognized to the world, known to many as Thunderbox, offer some of the deepest and thickest barrels the Mentawai Islands and Indonesia have to offer!

SMO Owner/Operator/Guide Eric is an ISA Level 2 certified surf coach, so if you want to perfect your pop up, your barrel stall, or even your tail waft, extra instruction with him including video analysis, is available for a small fee. However, day-to-day pointers are free…just ask. We want you to get the best waves of your life, so let us help you do it!

Southern Mentawai Outpost is located directly in front of the well-known Thunders break. The concept guiding the design of SMO is that of a full Eco Resort. The creators of the resort believe that sustainability is the best approach to any development, and therefore have designed SMO to be completely solar powered. Generators are very rarely used (only when absolutely necessary), and guests of the resort will likely never hear one. After 10 years of living on a boat with a generator running 24hrs a day, one of the co-creators has insisted we keep the area as pristine and quiet as possible. With so many waves close to Sibigau there is no reason to live on a cramped boat any longer! No generator, no smog, no traffic or motor bikes without mufflers, no horns, no big smoking two-stroke engines – this place was created to escape all of that. We also have running water from our wells. How amazing is it to be on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean and have fresh water wells! Our buildings are constructed entirely of Bamboo, and have been designed and positioned with prevailing winds in mind. Due to the mindful design of the buildings, air conditioning is unnecessary. We are sure you’ll be sleeping comfortably under your sheets at night.

Bamboo is not only a sustainable building material, but has a great reputation for withstanding earthquakes, which are frequent in Indonesia. In addition, the resort is located in the shadow of a large hill. In the event of a Tsunami, the hill provides an available route for vertical evacuation, which is the only sure way of staying safe in such an event. Tsunamis, like the recent one in Japan, have shown us that no building can truly be “Tsunami Proof,” and the only way to remain free from harm is to be in deep water or at elevation. Fortunately, Sibigau Island is blessed with both options.

SMO holds a maximum of ten surfers/guests, which provides privacy and prevents the grounds from feeling crowded. The small capacity also allows us to give our guests a more personal experience, similar to the experience of a boat trip, with a high staff-to-guest ratio. Our staff will see to all your needs, just like on the ‘Addiction’ Surfing Charter trips Eric crewed, but you will also have the privacy of your own room and space to stretch your legs on the island. Sibigau offers endless empty beaches and jungles for hiking and exploring. We can provide information about the local flora and fauna one may encounter on their adventures. The reefs are full of life at night, we love to eat what we catch and get excited when guests want to go hunt lobsters, collect lamunan (sea snails), or go spear fishing. We encourage our guests to embrace the sustainability ethic as well, please be conscious while packing. There is not much thought to recycling or production of trash in Indonesia. Please leave your plastic packaging at home and recycle or re-use what you can. Also, don’t forget to use your metal SMO water bottle that will be gifted to you upon arrival.

There are no villages on the island, allowing visitors to enjoy near exclusive access to expansive white-sand beaches and jungle trails. If you are looking for privacy and peace of mind, this is the place to get it.

Plans are being finalized to create an organic vegetable garden, so as to include fresh local vegetables on the menu. We do not support or condone unsustainable fishing practices, and any seafood we serve will be caught by guests or staff.

You will wake up everyday to a bowl of fresh local tropical fruit and a steaming pot of tea or Mentawai-grown coffee on your front porch. Other meals will be served in the main restaurant, and we will make sure your dietary needs are catered to, and that you never go hungry.

We are surfers and understand you need the necessary fuel to be sure to get the most out of your sessions. All meals are included with your stay: cold breakfast, hot breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Beers and sodas are available at the bar. Guests can run a tab and settle up before departure.

During the day, you can take a dinghy to surf the various breaks on and near Sibigau, and a western surf guide will be with you to put you onto the wave of the day whenever you are ready. SMO is the best place to be if you want to score one of your bucket list waves! Post up here and wait for the perfect time to strike. We always have waves, even with no swell in the water, we only need the wind to cooperate. The southerlies create perfect wind swell that organizes as it wraps all the way around the island and tick off fun chest- head high+ barrels! Prices and distances are posted and the bill is settled at the end of your stay. There is no reason you should worry about money while you are on vacation, you won’t need much cash and any bills can be paid with a credit card before you leave.

Southern Mentawai Outpost is designed for people who want to experience the consistency, quality, and intensity of the incredible waves offered by the Southern portion of the Mentawai Islands. At the same time, you can take a guilt free vacation knowing that you are leaving the smallest possible impact in a beautiful, pristine place – something that is becoming a commodity in today’s crowded and often polluted world. We are confident in stating that no other resort in Indonesia is taking the same steps as we are to encourage and maintain sustainability and support the local economy. If this matters to you as much as getting barreled on your surf board, then your choice is clear: make SMO your Eco conscious Surf Resort destination.

We hope to see you soon (I’ll be the one going past you in the barrel).